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Contract Wars Hack

Contract Wars Hack can generate pooling resources in order to advance in the game. It provide you with unlimited GP and SP. These items are important in the game. Do you want to be able to obtain these items without having to play the game over and over again and spending long week days doing nothing? We are confident that within the next 5 seconds we are going to change the way you experience Contract Wars forever.

Contract Wars Hack will help you get all the power-ups available. Users of the Contract Wars Hack are able to add as much GP and SP as they want to their accounts in 5 seconds. To gamers with high concern on safety and security, Contract Wars Hack‘s great feature present is the anti-ban feature which makes it 100% safe to use for the users without any fears of bans. This is because the Contract Wars Hack is virtually undetectable, and provides proxy support.


Contract Wars Hack is developed by SnackyGame.com

Contract Wars Hack Features:

  • Unlimited SP
  • Unlimited CR
  • Unlimited GP
  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited Health
  • Aimbot
  • Works with all mobile devices(Android iOS)
  • No Root/Cydia/Jailbreak Needed
  • Automatic Update
  • 100% anti-ban with proxies


Contract Wars Hack Proof

How to Use Contract Wars Hack :

  1. Download the Contract Wars Hack.
  2. Start Contract Wars Game.
  3. Open the hack tool and click Detect Browser Button.
  4. Select features which you want.
  5. Last one click the Apply button, it will automatically update the game.
  6. Enjoy your hack!

Contract Wars Hack Download

Server 1


Server 2


About Contract Wars

Contracts Wars is the modern free2play AAA MMOFPS developing as the browser-based application for Kongregate.
Contracts Wars is the world of the near future in which all power decisions are spent by the private military companies (PMC).
Gain respect fighting side by side with your friends in full-fledged first-person shooter with a great arsenal, RPG features, leveling, achievements and tons of unlocks.
Play on different maps in different gamemodes, earn experience points and unlock new weapons and equipment.
C’mon, get into fight!
Features (not final):
– AAA graphics
– 5 gamemodes, 12 maps
– 55+ modern firearms
– 100+ unique skills for 6 PMC classes
– 160+ contracts
– 60+ achievements
– 30+ weapon modification tasks
– realistic hardcore mode for high-levels
– and more
Contract Wars Hack
Contract Wars Hack
Contract Wars Hack

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